MARCH 1, 2018


After fifteen tumultuous years, The Crisis Papers is closing up shop, effective March 1, 2018.

In those fifteen years, Bernard Weiner and Ernest Partridge have written more than 600 essays for the internet, originating at this website and posted at several other progressive websites.

We wish that we could report that during these fifteen years, the United States has advanced toward "a more perfect union" --- greater freedom, justice, and domestic tranquility.  Sadly, as we all know, it has not. 

All the more reason for enlightened citizens to strive to reverse the descent into despotism, and to restore our country to its lost status as a beacon of democracy throughout the world.

To this end, the progressive internet endures, in desperate need of public support.  The list of such websites is long, and so we will list none of them so that we might not unjustly exclude others.  An excellent list of these websites can be found at a right-hand column in The Smirking Chimp (

"The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die." (Edward Kennedy).

Dr. Ernest Partridge's Crisis Papers essays will be found at his personal website, "The Online Gadfly" (, along with his professional papers, both published and unpublished.

 Dr. Bernard Weiner's political, artistic, literary and journalistic works can be found at his website, .

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Fifteen Years of The Crisis Papers:
A Personal, Passionate History



November 4, 2017







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While there have surely been American presidents who could be said to be narcissistic, none have shown sociopathic qualities to the degree seen in Trump. Correspondingly, none have been so definitively and so obviously dangerous. Democracy requires respect and protection for multiple points of view, concepts that are incompatible with sociopathy. The need to be seen as superior and a lack of empathy or remorse for harming other people are in fact the signature characteristics of tyrants, who seek the control and destruction of all who oppose them, as well as loyalty to themselves instead of the country they lead...  Trump’s sociopathic characteristics are undeniable and create a profound danger for America.

Dr. Lance Dodes
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Bernard Weiner: 

NEW:  Fifteen Years of The Crisis Papers: A Personal, Passionate History It was 15 years ago when The Crisis Papers jumped into the digital world of online political analysis.  The raging issue at that time was the Cheney/Bush administration’s reckless initiation of war against Iraq. For eight years, Crisis Papers joined with our fellow progressive websites in leading the fight against the worst aspects and policies of that awful regime and the Republican Party that supported them. Then eight years of the more positive leadership of the Obama era, and now the horrors of the Trump/Pence catastrophe. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how all that unfolded, seen through one editor’s journalistic lens.   

Reprise:  Talkin’ About the F-Word.  Here’s one of my earliest post-9/11 essays from the archives, originally published in December of 2001. It’s a distressing look at American society moving slowly but inexorably toward a kind of neo-fascist militarism. And what can and must be done to fight against this scary development in America’s distorted politics. (First published in December of 2001, revised in June of 2002.)      

Ernest Partridge

NEW: "WE ARE AT WAR!" Oh, Really? Some QuestionsAs the American media pumps up its Russophobic rhetoric, escalating the status of the Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation from "rival" to "adversary" to "enemy, " and the crisis from "rivalry" to "The equivalent of war," finally to (unqualified) "war," numerous urgent questions arise. These questions are, for the most part, ignored by our mainstream media. Absent a serious discussion of these questions by the MSM, I will pose some of these question and suggest a few answers.

REPRISE:  Unwrapping the Russia Enigma.  There is not “a” Russia issue. There are several separate “Russia Issues.”  In other words, “it's complicated.”  The American public does not like complications. It wants simplicity. Unfortunately, the mainstream media is much too willing to accommodate the public. I discuss four of these issues, which can not be appropriately addressed unless they are dealt with separately.

Conscience of a Progressive.
A Book in Progress