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Progressive Broadcasting

The Anti-Rush: Featuring "Air America"


"Air America Media" features Ron Kuby, Ron Reagan, Rachel Maddow, David Bender, Mike Papantonio, Robert Kennedy, Jr., to name just a few.  Equally impressive are the guests from the media, academia, and politics.

We've listened to many hours of Air America, and our primary complaint is that it is keeping us from our work -- hard to tune out.  See for yourselves!

Notwithstanding the dominance of right-wing tak radio, Air America can be accessed through the internet, and through Sirius satellite radio -- which, of course, means anywhere!

We urge you to tune in and, much more, to support the sponsors, since Air America, as a commercial venture, lives or dies on ratings and sponsor support.  Jot down the sponsors and contact them.

Here's how you find Air America on the internet and, if you are within reach of a signal, on your radio:  Log on to http://airamerica.com.   There you will find a listing of the stations  -- call letters and frequencies -- and instructions for accessing the programs via the internet. 

Our preferred internet access is Air America On Demand,  where you can download, listen, and perchance record selected Air America programs.

Best yet, become an AAR member (for $36 a year) and you can hear any AAR program "on demand," without commercial interruptions.  This includes podcasts which can be downloaded to iTunes (available here at no charge), and then played at your convenience.

In March, Thom Hartmann, AAR's premium attraction, left the AAR and "went independent."  However, his program can be accessed at www.620kpoj.com/cc-common/podcast.html, and for those who use i-Tunes, the podcasts of his program are at  www.smalldog.com/thomhartmann

Another outstanding gateway to progressive talk radio is The White Rose Society which has tremungous archives of liberal/progressive programs by such notables as Mike Molloy, Peter Werbe, Enid Golstein, Guy James and Mark Levine.  These too can be downloaded for listening and recording at your convenience.

The progressive website "Make Them Accountable"  has an extensive list of liberal talk shows on its page: "Unconservative Listening,"  though these are not directly linked to the audio streams.  (However, the page is overdue for an updating.  E.g., Randi Rhodes is listed with Air America, though she departed AAR about a year ago).

Throughout most of the Bush years, progressive opinions were virtually shut out from cable news programs, with the eloquent exception of Keith Olbermann's "Countdown" on MSNBC.  Now Olbermann has been joined on MSNBC by Dr. Rachel Maddow, who combines her unique brand of humor with scholarly erudition.

Aside from this dynamic MSNBC duo, the best, and virtually only, liberal outlet is Free Speech TV, inconspicuously placed in the broadcast boondocks, Ch. 9415 Dish Network and at Ch. 375 on DirectTV.  The highlight FSTV program is Amy Goodman's "Democracy Now," which is accessible at your convenience on the internet at www.democracynow.org.  Now and then you might catch a liberal author, celebrity or conference on CSPAN.  On the networks, about all we have is David Broncacio's "Now," Bill Moyers' Journal (both on Friday nights) and occasionally "Frontline." on PBS. 


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