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The Dissenting Internet

Here are the progressive "log-ons" that we visit regularly, in no particular order. We recommend them all.  And if you are especially generous, think of sending in a subscription and/or donation to these websites and/or their hard-copy publications.  There are no Republican fat-cats supporting these worthies.

The Smirking Chimp
deserves a daily visit.  Direct links to national and international news and commentary.  Editor Jeff Tiedrich updates it daily. Much of it is high quality journalism (which one has to look far and wide to collect these days) -- from such sources as the New York Times, the Washington Post,  the Guardian (UK), etc.

Truthout.   An excellent source of progressive news and opinion, from the American press, the foreign press, and the internet, as edited by Marc Ash. Also some worthy original pieces.  If you sign up, Truthout will send a daily e-mail of new listings with links.  

Democratic Underground.  Another fine source of original opinion pieces, forums, reader discussion groups, timely news items, and the slashing satire on Mondays of Earl G's "Top Ten Conservative Idiots."  Edited by Skinner (David Allen) and Earl G. (David Allsop). 

Salon.  Some refreshingly sassy commentaries on the politics and cultural climate of the day.  A subscription to their "Premium Edition" costs $30, without which easy access to the full text of the best articles is unavailable.  Without a subscription, you will have to deal with ads. Edited by Joan Walsh. 

BuzzFlash. Another tremungous list of timely articles (linked) and links to other sources. An excellent "first stop" for a session of surfing. Edited by Mark Karlin.

Crooks and Liars:   Specializes in audio and video clips. Keeps a close eye on CSPAN and the cable news channels for timely and newsworthy items.

The Crisis Papers features original essays and blogs by the editors, Ernest Partridge, Ph.D and Bernard Weiner, Ph.D.  It also contains this "Dissenting Internet" list, Recommended Blogsites, and Activists' Page.

AfterDowningStreet.   David Swanson's invigorating mix of news, opinion, and helpful activist hints, including many pieces by Swanson, one of the most dedicated and creative activists out there.

Democracy Now.  News, opinions and interviews by the invaluable journalist/commentator Amy Goodman from her converted firehouse radio/TV studio.  Goodman, Juan Gonzales, and their associates have their fingers right on the pulse of what's going wrong, and what can be done about it.

Media MattersDavid Brock's well-financed and well-staffed website, devoted to picking apart the right-wing, neo-con media outlets.  Brock  used to be a HardRight hatchetman -- his book, "Blinded by the Right" was a dynamite expose of that seamy world.  He knows where the bodies are buried.

Counterpunch.  Solid articles from the left-wing perspective, with a real bite.  Edited by Jeffrey St. Clair and Alexander Cockburn.

The Online Gadfly is the website of Ernest Partridge, the co-editor of The CrisisPapers.  Features an abundance of brief opinion pieces on politics, economics, the environment, etc., as well as longer scholarly works on environmental ethics, moral philosophy, peace studies and public policy.

American Politics Journal..  Despite the stuffy, academic-type title, this site offers beaucoup links and sassy commentary from the left side. Edited by Gene Gaudette. 

The Nation has now become one of the premier publishers of liberal and progressive thought.  The new online edition appears each Friday.

Alternet.  A great portal of liberal articles in a wide variety of fields of interest (media, environment, politics, etc.).  Also an excellent collection of video clips. Edited by Don Hazen.

Common Dreams . A good repository of liberal/left articles re-posted from publications and websites.

Tom Paine.  Another "don't miss" source of free-wheeling progressive opinion.

Consortium News.  Always on top of the news with Robert Parry's insightful analyses.

The World According to Me. Scott Schneider's pointed, personal observations and questions make for provocative reading."

Truthdig. Robert Scheer's lively compiliation of news and opinion, with lots of Scheer, Chris Hedges and others. 

Project for the Old American Century POAC). Taking off from PNAC (with lots of articles about that neo-con group), PAOC has its finger on the pulse of the crisis facing America.  Great graphic posters. Edited by Tj Templeton.

Scoop. A super site from New Zealand. Heavy coverage of New Zealand  and Asian politics, but also lots of solid reporting and analysis of American  war aims and 9/11 coverup and voting fraud in the U.S. Edited by Alastair Thompson. 

The Guardian (UK).  England's Guardian offers an incisive analysis of U.S. politics and worldwide machinations, with fresh and definitely non-American insights.

ZNet Magazine.. A wide-ranging list of links and articles from a radical left perspective that covers world and domestic events. Lots of Chomsky.

The Online Journal features an abundance of no-holds-barred critiques of establishment politics and the corporate owners/sponsors thereof. Edited by Bev Conover.

Media Transparency  is another excellent "gateway site" to current articles and commentary on political issues, from a progressive perspective.   If you've had about your fill of "the myth of the liberal media," Media Transparency is an ideal place to turn for material for a refuting argument.

Indymedia.  This is the central site for Indymedia websites around the U.S. and the globe.  They operate as "a collective of independent media organizations" and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage.

Information Clearing House.  Mostly specializes in foreign policy, but contains a wide range of domestic policy issues also.

OpEdNews. Covers a wide range of domestic and international issues, and also includes a valuable log of progressive radio programs. Edited by Rob Kall. 

Memory Hole.  This invaluable website "rescues" previously "disappeared" documents and websites, so that we all can see what isn't supposed to be seen.  Also passes on valuable information that may in the future go missing.

The Edge.   Hard-hitting exposes and analyses from Earth Island Institute, with emphasis on politics and environmental concerns. 

The Green-Dog Democrat:  Joe Burgess' excellent compilations of same-topic stories, along with periodic bulletins and alerts. Great for background research.

Naomi Klein, the author of the best-selling "The Shock Doctrine" now has her own website where she offers a wide variety of political observations from around the world.

Still more progressive websites noted (for the moment) without comment:



Of course, that's just a beginning.  There are many, many more fine sites offering antidotes to the relentless rightward spin of the establishment media.  In fact, many of the above listed sites are excellent gateways to these additional sites.   

Any other suggestions or developing news?  Let us know, and we may add to this list.

For E-Mail and Postal Addresses of Government Officials and Media, and for the websites of prominent liberal and progressive organizations, see  "The Activist's Page."

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