A New Essay by Ernest Partridge

In the Throes of a National Hissy-Fit

A Skeptical Look at the National Intelligence Report
and the Drift Toward War with Russia




December 11, 2017







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Nations, like families, can die of too many lies. The founders of our Republic knew this and gave us the first amendment so America would be safe for second opinions that challenge official lies. Because all of us are capable of deceiving ourselves, each of us needs a personal First Amendment operating within. It would  protect the quiet fragile voice that occasionally rises uninvited to say, "that's just not so, that's not the truth." . .

Beneath the distortion and deception of life in America today, there is hard reality. Our earth is threatened with pollution, nuclear weapons have been accumulating worldwide at the cost of $1 million a minute, and the United States is sliding into an inferior status in the global economy. Yet our public mind is filled with images of an America where the vending machines are always full, the wounded always recover, and the bills never come due. We seem to prefer the comfortable lie to the uncomfortable truth, and we punish those who point out reality, while are rewarding those who provide us with the comfort of illusion. Reality is fearsome, [but] experience tells us more fearsome yet is evading it.

Bill Moyers
"The Truth about Lies"
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Ernest Partridge

NEW:  In the Throes of a National Hissy-Fit What are we to make of the just-released report of the Director of National Intelligence which assesses, with "high confidence," that Vladimir Putin has attempted to influence the 2016 presidential election y damaging the Clinton campaign and boosting  the prospects of Donald Trump.  True or false, the "Putin hacking the Democrats" charge has evolved from an unsupported accusation to an unchallenged dogma a "cognitive frame,"  within which a "what to do about it" debate rages, while few while few step outside that frame to ask,  "but did Putin really do it?" or "even if he did, what was the extent of the damage?"

REPRISE:  Let's End the New Cold War Before It Heats Up.  The United States and Russia are rushing, relentlessly, toward war, unless cooler voices are heard and heeded. Those voices are not being heard in our mass media or heeded by our politicians.  The familiar historical indicators of a march to war are apparent to all with eyes to see: arms buildup, depersonalization of the "enemy," demonization of its leaders, marginalizing of moderate voices, suppression of dissent, refusal to negotiate and compromise in good faith, deliberate failure to recognize the concerns and interests of "the other."  (From March 5, 2015)


Bernard Weiner: 

NEW:  James Comey Visits his Shrink.  James Comey is an emotional wreck as he tries to deal with the political snakepit that is the FBI these days: a pro-Trump faction engaged with a more moderate faction in a war of pre-election leaks. Come needs help. In his psychiatrist, the Bureau director finally has somebody he can vent to. 

REPRISE:  Germany In 1933: The Easy Slide Into Fascism  This essay, written when the CheneyBush administration was running roughshod over the Constitution, is still relevant today as our homegrown neo-fascists have entered the political mainstream. Trump makes George W. seem like a genteel moderate. The parallels to the rise of fascism in 1930 Europe, of course, are not exact, but seem eerily familiar.(First posted June 9, 2003) 


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